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Jill and David's Story
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Jill & David's Story

David and Jill met through a mutual interest in editorial photography -- from opposite ends of the lens.

David thought up the images, Jill dressed the part and posed, and together they created some great photography at cool places around the Southeast.

Gradually, though, Jill's interest in photography drifted toward David's perspective behind the camera. She called casual curiosity, but she kept running into technical and creative challenges, and her endless stream of how-do-I's and why-this and why-that revealed her insatiable appetite for mastering things that she undertakes.

David figured some real experience would push her along, and he asked her to help him photograph a wedding in Tennessee. She objected, saying she wasn't qualified for or interested in photographing weddings. She was fine with modeling and playing around with cameras. He cajoled, and she relented, "This one time, if you'll stop asking."

Forty-five weddings later (at the time of this writing), David was proved right. Jill is a seasoned wedding photographer who's worked in the worst of conditions and who has an opinion about everything from camera settings and the use of light and shadow in composition and when to break the rules of photography, and she's had more fun and found more satisfaction than she would've guessed. She'd also become passionate about her new craft and developed a genuine love for shooting engagements, weddings and boudoir sessions.

David had never had such a devoted collaborator, and along the way, he made his first proposal to her: that they form a 50-50 photography partnership. That was her first "Yes!"

Naming that partnership was another thing altogether. After a lot of bad ideas, they were on their way to a wedding and were mulling possibilities when the lyrics from the Jack Johnson song Angel wafted over the car speakers: "...we share the same soul...". With just a little tweaking, One Soul Photography was born!

Fast forward to August 2019

On a Saturday in mid-August, Jill and David covered the local wedding of Cheyenne and Stan Bennett then flew to Alaska the next day to rendezvous with the newlyweds to shadow them for part of their honeymoon, capture some epic bridal photos against an expansive Alaskan backdrop, and then road-trip for a couple of days on their own.

Instead of coming straight home at the end of their trip, Jill and David tacked an Alaskan cruise out of Seattle onto their land adventure, because much of the cost of visiting Alaska is the getting-there. The conditions on the cruise were relaxed and fun -- perfect for David's second proposal. After a dressy night at a sushi restaurant onboard, they returned to their stateroom -- ostensibly to freshen up for an evening show. But Jill opened the door to discover a dozen red roses and a bottle of Clicquot champagne waiting for her.She gasped and turned back toward David in happy surprise and saw yet another; David was holding a diamond-and-sapphire engagement ring in his hand. That's the second time she said, "Yes."

In their time together, Jill and David's love for photography adventures and enjoyment of one another's company have taken them on dozens of trips to more than 70 destinations, some famous and some out-of-the-way. In 2019 alone, they traveled to New York, Ft. Lauderdale, Baltimore, Lapland (Finland), Midlands UK, Anchorage, and the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and dozens of places in between.

As sightseers, the highlights of the year were seeing and photographing humpback whales breaching in Alaskan waters and the Northern Lights dancing over Lapland inside the Arctic Circle.

As foodies, they slummed on Nathan's hotdogs in Central Park and snobbed through an 11-course, 3-hour meal at the New York Michelin 3-star restaurant Per Se. Their favorite breakfast was at a Cape Hatteras, NC, fish market and diner for six bucks. Their favorite pizza of 2019 came from a brick oven in Kittila, Finland, and was topped with reindeer, lingonberries and Lapland cheese.

As a couple, they've found in each other kindred spirits sharing zero patience, mounds of tolerance, heaps of love, and a wonderful life together that they wouldn't trade for plane tickets to Bora Bora.

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