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Travel and Accommodations

Getting there

Flying into Key West

Delta and other airlines have flights into the Key West airport, but they limit you to one checked bag, which can't be overweight, and the usual carry-ons. Flights into Key West for our invitees range from $450 to $650, as of our last check in September. Once on the ground, you can Uber or taxi to your accommodations. If you follow our suggestion below where to stay, you won't need a car (or a parking space) until it's time to return to the airport.

Flying into Miami and driving to Key West (or just driving)

The benefit in flying as far as Miami then picking up a rental car is you can bring more luggage. And driving to Key West from anywhere in the Southeastern US is a long but scenic ride.

Once you're on the island, parking can be a pricey challenge if the accommodations you arrange don't include a spot for your car. Parking runs as much as $32 a day in high season. And if you're located as we suggest below, you probably won't move your car until it's time to go home.

Bottom line

If you travel light, fly into Key West, and Uber to the place you booked as we suggest below, you really won't need a car.

Where to stay

We'll will be staying at L’Habitation Guest House on the north end of Old Town, along with immediate family. Because the place is fully booked, and we'd like everyone to be within a couple of blocks for easy gathering and socializing, we've provided a map, rental-hunting tips, and a sampling of the cool properties that are close by.

About Spring rentals in Key West

High-season nightly rates generally are $250 to $350 in Old Town. Most have three- to five-night minimum stays. The sampling below require just three nights. You might save a little money toward the center and eastern end of the island, but you'll spend at least part of your savings getting around via Uber, taxis or trolleys.

Suggested accommodations

If you want to look further, the section of Key West we're staying in is called Old Town.

Here's a map of the area where you want to look: Old Town

The Banyan Resort

323 Whitehead Street

The Artist House

534 Eaton Street

The Old Town Manor & Rose Lane Villas

511 Eaton Street & 522 Rose Lane

La Concha Hotel & Spa (Crowne Plaza)

430 Duval Street

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