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Jill and David
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What's happening?

After photographing so many other happy couples on their wedding day, we decided it's our turn! And if you're reading this, it means we want you to be a part of the moment and then celebrate with us! Thing is, we won't be celebrating in Atlanta, or even in Georgia!

Where, then?

Key West! The venue is the historic and beautiful Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum. We'll be surrounded by palm trees, lots of history and six-toed cats, and a short list of people who've been a meaningful part of each of our lives.

Okay, so when?

The 15-minute ceremony commences at 6:00pm on Friday, April 17, 2020, followed by food and grown-up drinks by Ernest's private pool. But there's so much more than that! Beginning the evening of Thursday the 16th and running through Sunday the 19th, we have socializing and excitement to keep you entertained -- from coral-reef snorkeling to sailing, from brunches to sunsets, from pub crawls to Pedialyte, we've got you covered with options. Including doing your own thing, if you like.


Then follow the menu for all the details and your chance to RSVP!

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