Your first boudoir session: 3 tips for looking great

So with an excited gulp, you’ve booked your first boudoir session. No matter how many times you’ve thought it through and convinced yourself it’ll be fun, you’re still waffling over wardrobe, hair style, nail color, whether to spray-tan and more.

Let’s break it down for you. Here are three tips to help you cut through all that noise and make some great decisions.

1. Boudoir hair, lips, nails and skin

Remember, the term boudoir is French for bedroom. So go for a slightly messy, loose updo to create an air of uninhibitedness, a look of relaxed openness. No other do will do. Big hair and carefully curled locks get glammy fast. And tight buns and ponytails look uptight. Keep it relaxed.

If you think of your nails as accessories for each lingerie piece you plan on wearing, you’ll naturally think about color-coordinating. If all your lingerie is blue, then blue nails will be great! If you’re wearing a mix of outfits, go with a neutral gloss for fingernails and toenails, so nothing competes or clashes. And most of the time, French tips just become distracting little bits of white in otherwise silky boudoir photos, so avoid the urge to do French or American tips.

When choosing lipstick color: stay bright or soft, and as you do, coordinate, coordinate, coordinate. What not to do: dark tones or crazy colors. If you’re wearing red or black lingerie, go bold with your lipstick. If you’re wearing soft colors, wear soft lipstick.

The camera loves your skin just the way it is. If you’re fair, come fair. If you’re olive or dark, come that way. Don’t do spray tans. Don’t oil. Don’t get sunburned. Trust us on this.

2. Wardrobe

When your motivation is to please someone else with your sexy pictures, there are lots of ways a successful boudoir session can go when it comes to wardrobe. It really depends on what kind of image you want to project. And if your shoot allows wardrobe changes, you can mix-and-match! Here are some common directions our ladies have taken with their sessions.

Bridal beauty
Keep it pure, but go topless beneath an obscuring cathedral veil with bridal lingerie panties. Another great shot: a closeup of your garter on your sexy leg!

Wear a white satin gown off the shoulders with a teasing view of sheer lingerie underneath.

Sweet & (sort of) innocent
Go with lacy things in pastels, and forego stockings and no heels, which convey a more, well, professional look.

Girl next door
Be that one in the short-shorts with a spaghetti top or baby-T curled up in a front porch swing.

Boss vixen
Intimidate him with a vinyl or black lace body suit, and definitely rock those stockings and stilettos. Add a riding crop for spice.

Hot wife or girlfriend
Slip topless into his favorite unbuttoned work shirt or wear his team jersey off one shoulder. Match it with coordinated lacy panties. You can also abuse those Saturday morning outfits he sees you in around the house. He’ll see you in a whole new light on the Saturdays that follow 🙂

3. You’re celebrating you!

Don’t forget to celebrate yourself! Especially if you’ve just come through a life change that’s motivating you to do your shoot, there’s nothing like the affirmation of realizing your own beauty when you see the images from your special shoot.