Big 2019!

This year marks the third year that Jill and I have been putting our heads together, and it marks the second year of One Soul Photography. In 2018 we shot weddings across the southeastern US, Jamaica and Cancun, and we finished the year shooting a wonderful boudoir session at the former Helmsley Palace Hotel in New York City! Coming into 2019, we’ve hit the ground running with a dozen Southeastern US weddings on the books and weddings in Costa Rica and the UK in the works.

On Friday, Feb. 1, we fly to London for a bridal shoot in Shrewsbury, UK. Then we jet to Kitilla, Finland, to spend a few days with our cameras ready to capture the Northern Lights!

Thanks to more referral business, we’ve been able to move our marketing concentration away from quote-based services like Thumbtack in favor of more personal face-to-face opportunities. So we’re upping our game at bridal shows in Georgia and south Florida. So keep your eye out for One Soul Photography!

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