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Hi there! We're Jill and David, and we're traveling wedding photographers. In this photo, we were actually traveling from Atlanta to New York for a private shoot over New Year's 2018!

We're also a couple of happy, high-energy people who're passionate about creating and capturing beautiful imagery wherever our good fortune takes us. From the boudoir suite in our Atlanta studio to a shabby chic Tennessee farmhouse wedding, an elopement ceremony on the lawn of Notre Dame in Paris, or sandy vows on a Cancun beach, we're serious about our craft and lighthearted as we go about it.

We never tire of finding a fresh angle, or crafting the best shot, or wowing our clients with photos and attention beyond their expectations. So we're glad you're visiting our site! Check us out, and please get in touch with us for a wedding or boudoir package designed just for you!

Tell us about your wedding!

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